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What You Should Know About Flea and Tick Control

No matter where you live, flea and tick prevention is an important part of protecting your pet’s health.
Fleas and ticks can spread disease, cause discomfort, and even lead to more serious health
problems in pets who have been exposed to them. Fortunately, there are many effective options for
flea and tick prevention that you can use to protect your pet from these pests.
Medical Treatments

When it comes to medical treatments, there are a variety of products available, including topical
liquids, sprays, and even flea or tick collars. Many of these contain chemicals that kill fleas and ticks
on contact. It’s important to read the label carefully to make sure you are choosing the right product
for your pet. Also, be sure to follow directions closely and avoid overdosing. Your veterinarian can
also recommend oral medications that are administered monthly to prevent flea and tick infestations.
Environmental Controls
In addition to medical treatments, you can also reduce your pet’s exposure to fleas and ticks by
making sure their environment is as clean and pest-free as possible. Regularly cleaning bedding and
vacuuming carpets can help keep the flea population in your home under control. Also, you may
want to consider using natural flea and tick repellents such as cedar chips around your home and
Lifestyle Habits
Finally, it’s important to be mindful of your pet’s lifestyle habits when it comes to flea and tick
prevention. Make sure your pet is always on a leash or in an enclosed area when outside, and try to
avoid areas where fleas and ticks are common. You should also regularly inspect your pet’s fur for
signs of fleas or ticks, and if you find any, take action immediately.
Flea and tick prevention is key to maintaining your pet’s health. If you have questions or concerns
about flea and tick prevention, contact your veterinarian today for more information.