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Annual Exams

Veterinarian Examining Cat in Eugene Oregon When people think of veterinarians, they often think first of getting their dog or cat's "shots". While it's true that vaccinations are an important part of your pet's health care plan, they are not the only reason to see us - or even the most important. An annual exam allows us to pick up the early warning signs of any serious problems that might affect your pet in the future. As with humans, early detection is the key to keeping our pets healthy - and they mature and age much faster than we do.

Diagnostic and Wellness Testing

Veterinary Labwork Along with an annual exam, regular diagnostic testing is an important tool for keeping your dog or cat healthy. For older pets, regular wellness testing allows us to monitor your pet's health as he or she enters the "golden years". Pre-anesthetic testing helps us in determining if your pet is well enough to undergo surgery or dental procedures. We can perform many lab tests in our in-house facility, and we also use an outside reference laboratory for more advanced testing.


Veterinary Dentistry Good oral health is essential to maintaining your pet's overall health, which is why we emphasize dental care year-round. We can help you find the combination of preventive care products that suit your pet's needs and your lifestyle, and can perform routine cleanings and other procedures in our fully-equipped dental suite.


We have a full in-house veterinary pharmacy. If we don't have what you need, or if you prefer to purchase medications elsewhere, we are happy to send your prescription to the pharmacy of your choice, at no extra charge.


Veterinary X-raysOur imaging capabilities are second-to-none. In addition to our state-of the art digital x-ray system, we also have digital dental radiography and digital ultrasound systems. Because these systems are digital, the image quality is amazing, and is better for both the environment and our staff, because there are no chemicals used for development.

Therapeutic Diets

We carry a complete line of therapeutic (prescription) diets from Royal Canin and Hill's. What we don't have in stock, we can special order.

Exotic Pets

ChameleonOur services are not restricted to just cats and dogs. We also provide health care services to all sorts of exotic pets, including reptiles, birds, fish, and small mammals. Please contact us for details.

Puppy and Kitten Plans

Our puppy and kitten plans are designed to provide most of the routine care your new pet needs in his or her first year of life, while saving you money.

Other Veterinary Services

Other services we provide include...

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