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Health Certificates

Interested in traveling with your pet? Animal Health Associates is happy to offer international and interstate health certificates for our established clients!

You might be surprised to learn that different countries and states have different requirements for pet travel. The USDA has a web site with information about requirements for travel to many locations in the US and abroad. If you are thinking about traveling with your dog or cat, you should visit this site as soon as possible.

Some countries and states have very specific requirements. For example, there are places in the world, like Australia and Hawaii, that actually do not have the rabies virus – and they want to stay that way! These locations require a rabies titer test and a longer waiting period (in some cases up to six months) after vaccination. If you are traveling to China, you need to know that only one pet per person may be brought into the country. This is why it’s important to plan well in advance and to check the requirements for your destination as early as possible.

You should also be sure to check with your airline for their requirements for your pet as well. Some only will fly with pets during certain times of the year, some require a letter of acclimation (which we can provide), and some will not allow certain breeds like pugs or pit bulls. Most airlines also have requirements on the type of carrier your pet is placed in.

Scheduling Your Appointment

Now that you know your requirements, how do you schedule your pet for a health certificate? If you are driving interstate, you should schedule your exam within 30 days of departure and if you are flying, your exam should be within 10 days. For international health certificates, we require an initial exam at least one month prior to departure, plus an exam within the departure time frame (usually 10 days, but for some countries as little as 48 hours).

While we will be able to provide a veterinary exam and health certificate for your dog or cat, we are not responsible for ensuring your pet meets all the guidelines and we cannot perform a USDA endorsement. Most, but not all, countries require an endorsement by the USDA. If you do need an endorsement you must overnight the forms to the USDA office in Tumwater, Washington.

Safe travels!