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Senior Pet Care Guide

Just as your medical needs evolve with age, so do your senior pet’s needs. Understanding, adjusting, and maintaining your senior pet’s lifestyle is crucial to the well-being of your animal during their old age. Here are some expert tips to keep your senior pet happy and healthy for as long as possible.

Ensure Your Senior Pet Has a Healthy Diet

A balanced diet is essential to keep your aging pet healthy. Gone are the days of table scraps, as senior pets have weaker immune systems and are more prone to gaining weight. Obesity in senior pets is especially dangerous and should be avoided by implementing an appropriate diet and exercise regimen.

Incorporate Regular Exercise into Your Senior Pet’s Day

Your pet may have less energy with age, and they may even seem like they want to sleep in their bed all day, but it is crucial to their well-being to get some exercise at least once daily. A nice walk for your dog or a couple of minutes of playtime with your cat will suffice. It is normal if their movements are slower with age, be patient and try to make exercise time a fun activity that they can look forward to. Puzzle games or freshening up on obedience training is an excellent way to keep your pet stimulated.

Stay Up to Date with Regular Veterinary Visits.

Even the healthiest senior pets should be taken to their trusted veterinarian regularly to ensure they are in good health. An aging pet’s health can decline quickly as their immune system weakens with age. The best way to prevent a deteriorating illness from sneaking up on you is to schedule regular veterinary visits; this allows your veterinarian to diagnose and treat any new issues early on. Your veterinarian may recommend visits every six months throughout your pet’s senior years. 

It is also important to stay on top of vaccinations and parasite protection as your pet ages. Senior pets don’t have the same strength as they once did to fight off infection and illness.

Help your senior pet age gracefully by contacting your trusted veterinarian to schedule regular check-ups.