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National Adopt a Senior Pet Month: Exploring the Benefits of Adopting a Senior Pet

National Adopt a Senior Pet Month is celebrated every November. The special month, which was founded by the ASPCA and, encourages people to consider the advantages of adopting a senior pet. If you can’t adopt or foster a senior pet, you can do your part to raise awareness about the needs of senior pets in shelters. Keep reading to learn more about the cause.

Why Senior Pets are in Shelters, and Why It’s Dangerous

Many of the senior pets in shelters are there because their previous owner died, moved into a care facility, or could no longer take care of them properly. These animals have lost the only owner and companion they ever knew. Unfortunately, it’s very hard for shelters to find caring homes for senior animals. And the longer these animals are in a shelter, the greater exposure they have to illnesses and diseases that their immune systems can’t handle. They are also at a greater risk of depression and anxiety. 

Why You Should Consider Adopting a Senior Pet

Senior pets are not in shelters because they are problem animals. They are often overlooked because of their age, appearance, or the misconception that they are ill or near death. They actually make really wonderful pets and companions. They are calmer and less energetic than puppies, kittens, and younger pets. They are usually already house-trained and often know simple commands and tricks. Adopting a senior pet is also saving a life. Your pet will forever be grateful to you for getting it out of the shelter and into a warm, loving home.

If you Can’t Adopt, Consider Volunteering or Fostering

If you can’t adopt a pet, you can still help senior pets. You can volunteer at your local animal shelter, or foster a senior pet. Fostering gets the pet out of the stressful shelter environment and provides socialization and companionship until the pet finds its forever home.

If you do decide to adopt a senior pet, make an appointment with your local veterinarian for a full exam and check-up.