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Include Your Pet in Your New Year’s Resolution with These Pet-Friendly Ideas

You’ve made your New Year’s resolutions, but don’t forget about your pets! The New Year is the perfect time to implement healthy goals into your usual routine. However, during this time, our pets often get left out. This New Year’s, start the year off strong for you and your furry companion by including some pet-positive New Year’s resolutions in your plans. 

Attend Obedience Training 

A well-trained, obedient, relaxed, and responsive pet can improve the safety of your home and bring you and your pet closer together. This year, consider working on your pet’s obedience training at home or invest in the expertise of a professional to create a more positive relationship with your beloved pet. 

Engage in More Playtime

Make time to play with your pet, as it’s a great release of their energy. Dogs love to get out and get active with hikes or swimming. Although hiking isn’t an ideal exercise for cats, engaging in more physical activity can be a great way to keep them entertained and active. Cats are fond of chasing laser toys and other objects that can trigger their predatory instincts, which can be a great way to get them moving.

Clear Out Old Pet Toys 

Just as you may hold onto old clothes, we tend to hang onto old, ratty pet toys that are ripped to shreds and a breeding ground for bacteria. Take a look at your pet’s toy collection and toss any germ-infested toys. The New Year is the perfect time to find them a new favorite teddy to play with! 

Set Up Your Pet’s Annual Check-Up 

While it’s not the most exciting resolution, being proactive about scheduling your pet’s veterinary checkup is an advantageous way to stay ahead of their health. Your pet should see their veterinarian at least once annually and more frequently as they reach their senior years. 

Contact your trusted veterinarian today for more pet-friendly resolution ideas or to schedule your pet’s annual check-up.