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Bringing Your Cat to See Us

Let’s be honest: cats don’t like going to the vet. In fact, cats don’t really like any sort of change in their routine… that’s just the way they are.

On the other hand, cats do need health care… and because of their stoic nature, they are adept at concealing illness until it is too late. That’s just one of many reasons that you need to bring your cat(s) in for regular exams, even if they’re not really keen on the idea.

From specialized training in handling cats, to our separate cat waiting area and exam room, we have taken many steps to ensure that your cat is as comfortable as possible at our clinic. But the most important factor in how your cat does during a veterinary visit is how he or she is prepared for the trip.

The American Association of Feline Practitioners has created a pamphlet entitled “Getting Your Cat to the Veterinarian”, which is a must-read for cat owners. If you are having problems getting your cat into your carrier, start by reading this.

Some cats may be more comfortable in their carrier if it is pretreated with a calming pheromone such as that found in Feliway. If you are planning a visit to us and want to give this a try, stop by and ask for a sample packet.

Another trick that may help your cat become more comfortable is to make the carrier part of the cat’s living space. That tabby is one relaxed cat!