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End of Life Care

The decision to say goodbye to a pet is never easy. It’s something that none of us want to face, even though we know it is inevitable. The only comfort we can take from it is knowing that, in the end, we have done the best we can for our beloved companion.

How Do I Know It’s Time?

This is a highly personal decision. We cannot tell you when it is time to let a pet go; all we can do is offer advice. We ask the following questions when considering euthanasia for a patient:

  • Is your pet frequently in pain?
  • Does your pet have an appetite?
  • Does your pet stay hydrated?
  • Is your pet able to maintain his or her hygiene?
  • Is your pet happy?
  • Is your pet able to get up and move without assistance?
  • Are there more good days than bad?

Our Ethical Guidelines for Euthanasia

  • We do not euthanize healthy pets, unless they have become a danger to humans or other pets. In such cases, we may recommend a consultation with a reputable trainer or veterinary behaviorist rather than euthanasia.
  • If we have not seen your pet before, we will require an exam prior to euthanasia. If there is a reasonable course of treatment that may provide your pet with a better quality of life, we may decline to perform the euthanasia.
  • The procedure will be performed in a calm and dignified manner, with minimal stress for both yourself and your pet. Your pet’s comfort is our primary concern.

After They Are Gone

We have partnered with West Coast Pet Memorial to provide final arrangements for your pet’s remains. They will pick up from our clinic and, if you wish, the ashes will be returned to us for you to take home. A variety of urns and keepsakes are available on their website.

Oregon State University’s Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine gratefully accepts the remains of deceased pets for use in training the next generation of veterinarians. If you are interested in this option, more details are available here.

For further help, the following websites may be helpful in preparing you for the next step in your pet’s journey.