• Animal Health Associates, Eugene Oregon, circa 1957
  • Animal Health Associates, Eugene Oregon, 2013

Animal Health Associates has a long and colorful history in South Eugene Oregon. We opened in 1947 as Baronti's Small Animal Hospital. In those days, the area now known as Woodfield Station was occupied by a drive-in movie theater, and Willamette Street was known as The Gut, where teenagers cruised on a nightly basis. Dr. August Baronti practiced in the front of the building, and he and his family lived in the back. We still use their kitchen as part of our break room.

Animal Health Associates Sign 1977 In 1971, Dr. Ronald Greer and his partner, Dr. Jerry Gunthorp, purchased the clinic and renamed it Animal Health Associates. They began the process of upgrading the clinic's medical standards and, in 1973, became one of the first veterinary hospitals in Eugene accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association. We have maintained that accreditation ever since.

In 1993, Dr. Gunthorp left to pursue a career as a helicopter pilot, and Dr. Greer became the sole owner of the clinic. In 1998, Dr. Greer hired Dr. Sheila Johnson fresh out of the OSU College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Johnson was one of four doctors at the clinic at that time, all of whom also worked once a week at a satellite clinic in Creswell. The Creswell clinic was sold in 2000 to Dr. Sheri Schlorman, and is now known as Creswell Veterinary Hospital.

Also in 2000, the front of the building was remodeled, with a brand-new and much more spacious lobby replacing the original cramped space. Since then we have updated the exam rooms, the radiography room, the doctor's office and treatment areas, and many other parts of the facility.

Animal Health Associates Sign 2013 In late 2006, Dr. Greer retired, and in May of 2007, Dr. Johnson purchased the practice. At that time we began a major upgrade of equipment, along with improvement of our medical and safety protocols. We switched to electronic medical records in 2008, and have since added digital radiography and ultrasound. Dr. Judy Schroeder joined the practice in July of 2011, and Dr. Niki Fadden joined us in 2019.

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