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Coping with Coronavirus

Novel coronavirus is here and will be around for a while. Life must go on, and that includes veterinary care. In order to continue to provide services for your pets during these difficult times, we are instituting some new services and policies.

Curbside Service and Drop-off appointments

As of 3/19/2020, we are no longer allowing clients to wait in the lobby. All appointments will be handled with curbside service. The details of this are described below. If you are picking up food or meds, we can bring the items to your car.

If you have have been told or believe that you have been exposed to coronavirus, we are sorry but we are unable to see your pet for routine services such as vaccinations, etc. If you have tested positive for the virus and your pet is sick, please call our office to see what the best course of action is.

  • If you are bringing your pet in for a scheduled appointment, please fill out our Patient Intake Form, which will help us understand what is going on with your pet.
  • If you are bringing a dog in, please attach his leash before we come out. We will use double slip leads to bring him in. Cats must be in a cat carrier; we can provide one if you don’t have one.
  • When you arrive, please call (541) 393-8117. We will come out to your car to bring your pet in, or if you are picking up medications or food we will bring that to you.
  • If we are examining or treating your pet, we will call you during the visit for further information or to relay our findings.
  • At the end of the visit we will call you for a credit card number. At this time, we are not accepting cash or checks.

Cleanliness and Disinfection

Veterinary clinics are fortunate in that we already have the ability to disinfect against coronavirus. The cleaners that we use are designed to take on parvovirus, which is much harder to kill than coronavirus. These cleaners have also been tested against coronavirus (remember that coronavirus is not new; its just this particular strain that is dangerous to humans.) We are now cleaning more frequently and using this particular cleaner more extensively.

For More Information

The CDC has released this information regarding pets and coronavirus. The key takeaways are that dogs and cats do not seem to be susceptible to this strain of coronavirus, and they cannot transmit it to humans.

The Oregon Veterinary Medical Association has published a great article on what we know about the transmission of coronavirus among animals and between animals and humans.